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Things you can buy from Pakistan

Recently I went to Pakistan because I was missing my parents , really enjoyed there. For me best thing there is our parents and shopping. And if you love kitchen and baking things Pakistan is the cheapest country to buy these things. I am not like a brand mad girl, […]

Valentines day food menu dinner

Valentine’s Day Menu

Newly married or living with him since many yeas and living in a big family.  Valentine’s day is here.Now you are  thinking what to do now. We can’t celebrate it because we have small kids we can’t go out or we have a big family we can’t cook special valentine’s […]

So this was my husband's Birthday Lunch 
Hope you like it :)

How to arrange a Birthday Lunch

Easy and simple and quick lunch menu for any occasion  I made this for my husband’s birthday. Loved by all this was a perfect lunch I made. Last year July 2016 I arranged my husband’s birthday lunch. Today I was looking at those old memories/pictures so thought of why not […]


My Funcooking Kitchen

Hi 🙂 How are you all 🙂 I am so happy today because I completed  500 tried and tested recipes for my website today. And to celebrate this I want to show you all where I made all these recipes 🙂 . Yes of course In my home kitchen 😉 . […]


How to plan High tea party

How to plan High tea party  My 13th wedding anniversary (20 September 2016) and I didn’t planned any thing. Eid-ul-adha just passed by and after eating all biryani / curries and meat recipes I was really not in mood of making recipes like these for some days. So I was […]