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Hummus is a yummy dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas or other beans, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Today, it is popular throughout the Middle East and in Middle Eastern cuisine around the globe. Ingredients, List 1, Boiled chickpeas   1-1/4 cup Yogurt […]


Anardana Chatni / اناردانہ چٹنی

This is super easy and yummy Anardana chatni recipe. Anardana means dried pomegranate seeds.  You can serve it with BBQ, Dal Chawal or with fritters etc. Ingredients, Tomato  1 Onion small  1 Pomegranate powder  1-1/2 tbsp Fresh coriander  hand full Salt   1/4 tsp اجزاء ٹماٹر    1 پیاز  چھوٹا […]

garlic dip

Garlic Dip / گارلک ڈپ

Garlic dip made with yogurt, mayonnaise ,garlic , chilies and coriander. Nice and creamy goes with fried, BBQ , Pulao, Biryani and curries.This time I made this with Spicy chicken legs (Recipe here) Ingredients, Yogurt  1 cup Mayonnaise  2 tbsp Garlic cloves  4 Green chili  2 Coriander  a little bit […]


Tomato Chatney

Tomato Chatney made with tomatoes ,coriander, green chilies and some garlic…I also add some lemon juice in it and it goes with all types of dishes…Like BBQ, fried chicken, fritters, dal chawal and lot more. You can make it and keep in fridge for almost 1 week. This is best […]


Chili yogurt dip/raita

Yogurt chili dip/ raita is kind of spicy dip ,you can use it with many Indian/Pakistani dishes like pulao, biryani, BBQ, and also baked meat Ingredients, yogurt  250 g Garlic cloves  2 whole cumin  1 tsp salt 1/4 tsp fresh mint leaves  4-5 green chili 1 Directions,

Tahini sauce

Tahini Sauce

This traditional Middle Eastern sauce is served  in Arab countries and throughout the Middle East. it is made of sesame seeds/garlic/olive oil. Ingredients, sesame seeds    1/2 cup garlic cloves  2-3 extra virgin olive oil   2-3 tbsp salt 1/4 tsp fresh cream  1/4 cup Directions,    


Coriander Chatni/Dip

Coriander Chatni/dip goes best with BBQ, fried snacks, fritters, dal chawal,smosay,pakoray etc and lot more Ingredients, Fresh green coriander   1 medium bunch (use it with stems) mint  10-12 leaves garlic clove  1 small green chili  2 (add less if you like less spicy) tomato  1 medium whole cumin 1/2 […]