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Things you can buy from Pakistan

Recently I went to Pakistan because I was missing my parents , really enjoyed there. For me best thing there is our parents and shopping. And if you love kitchen and baking things Pakistan is the cheapest country to buy these things. I am not like a brand mad girl, […]

Chikar Cholay Bhature
Paratha Naan Roti

Bhature/ بھٹورے

Bhature is one of the most popular punjabi recipe. Bhatura are thick puffy fried Indian/Pakistani bread. Ingredients, Flour  2-3/4 cup Semolina  1/4 cup Yogurt  1/4 cup Salt  1/2 tsp Oil  3 tbsp Baking soda  1/4 tsp Sugar  1 tsp اجزاء میدہ   3/4-2   کپ سوجی    1/4 کپ دہی […]