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Chicken noodle samosa
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Chicken Noodle Samosa

Chicken noodle samosa Recipe Crispy flaky spicy samosa in Desi Chinese style. Made with noodles and chicken.There are so many versions of this famous samosa,do try my way of making it,you would definitely love it. Make ,freeze and enjoy with afternoon tea or eat in breakfast like me¬† ūüôā . […]

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Moong Dal Samosa

Moong¬†Daal Samosa¬†Recipe, Learn how to make Moong¬†Daal Samosa ¬†(absolutely delicious recipe of Moong¬†Daal Samosa¬†ingredients and cooking method with step by step pictures) ¬†Samosa is a tasty fried or baked snack originating in Middle East. However, this snack or starter is very famous across Indian/Pakistan made with different variations. It’s outer […]

Garlic Yogurt Dip
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Garlic Yogurt Dip

Garlic Yogurt Dip Garlic Yogurt Dip or garlic raita made with yogurt,boiled potato, garlic, green chilies. Ask me which is my favorite yogurt dip recipe I always recommend this. Awesome flavour and easy to make you can serve it with BBQ, kebabs, samosas,pilaf and curries etc.¬† Make Crispy Potato/aloo Kebab […]