4 things to do when you burn food


Sounds interesting …… 🙂 .So today you burn your food i am sure you were watching your favorite TV show or busy with  friend on phone.Do 1 thing at a time,first finish your house work then do some thing else.
OK now what to do and please don’t upset. first you have to figure out what is the percentage of burning i mean is it recoverable, 90% of burning can not be recoverable but there is a hope  …… 🙂

1.  If it is a curry style dish you can add some milk or yogurt in it to reduce the burning flavor .That doesn’t mean it will taste perfectly  right but at least u can eat it.

2.If it is a steak  cut the upper burnt part and have it.

3.One more clever thing, think a good name for your dish like grilled curry,or black magic steak,or scary bites, then serve it i am sure no one will eat it. 

4. I suggest to make another dish.If u don’t have enough time for making another … many recipes require just 10-15 minutes.go for them.Like fried potatoes,chicken stakes,stir fried vegetables,fried fish,etc

and remember not to burn your dish again…… 😉


  1. Haha.. i like the third tip.. to give some scary names..

  2. I love ur clever tips 😉 and the way u described thanx 🙏🏻😍🤩

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