Chitchat time about my previous hobby (Sewing)

Time to make some confessions.Not in mood of giving recipes now a days so lets have some chitchat… πŸ™‚

I want to tell you all about 1 more hobby I had in past and that was sewing. How it started…..Β  After 10th final exams in summer vacations, I learned to stitch shalwar qameez from a sweet lady lived in our neighborhood Aunty Rahimuallah. My mother send me there because she believed every girl should know how to sew. So I went to her house for almost 3 days (1 hour daily). She showed me how to cut and sew basic design shalwar qameez.

After 3 days I pick a cloth (1 expensive dupatta) from my mom’s cupboard and told her I am going to sew it my shirt. She was like, what are you saying, first learn it perfectly then sew it. But when I decided to do something ,nobody can stop me then ..haha … so later that day when my mom was out with her friends I sew that shirt in just half hour …. can you imagine half hour for a beginner … cut and sew all done before my mom gets back home.

I wore that, and when she came back she was surprised to see me wearing that …that dupatta turned into my shirt now …haha …….. she laughed and said how did you do it…. I said (acha hy na ???). She smiled and replied its perfect. Then I ran to that lady’s house and showed her my shirt. She was really happy and surprised to see me.

So that is how I started but after that my college started and I didn’t sew any more dresses ….

After marriage when my daughter born,my little doll :). I started sewing her small frocks. That thing gave me so much satisfaction when I sew her small small dresses.

In beginning I ruin 1-2 frocks …wrong cutting or wrong sewing ,but after that I mastered it with the help of google. Yes I searched on internet how to sew this/that and printed those free cutting patterns from different website. Everyday I completed my house chores and in afternoon or late nights when everyone was sleeping, I used to sew those small dresses. There was actually a satisfaction by doing that πŸ™‚

Now my daughter’s dresses were loved by everyone. People asked me how did you do it, they said these are just perfect like ready made.

Then I started my page (Little princess) for selling kids clothing.My designs and also ready made ones. No marketing experience, no Facebook know how, didn’t know how to deal with customers. But still wanted to do it with that self learned sewing skill. πŸ™‚

Run that page for almost 2-3 years I guess,Β  had few orders but overall no profits, I worked really hard for that page but failed to find that right audience for my page. Some basic mistakes I was doing there. That time I even didn’t know about basic ways of getting likes on a Facebook page.

So all and all working on that but no success.

After that we moved to UK and like Pakistan now I didn’t have sewing machine or those markets where we used to buy clothes. So I closed that page and started Funcooking (my true love) and what a response ,within a year my website started earning and liked by everyone.

So yes lesson learned you can’t get success without Allah’s help, you run after things, work hard but you can’t get success until Allah is with you πŸ™‚

But this doesn’t mean I ruin all that time in swing and making/running that page. I actually feel that was kind of training of what I am doing now. That page taught me how to deal with people, that page taught me how to be patient and wait for the right time ,when people are not responding to your posts, that page taught me how to use Facebook ,internet and many more things, that page gave me some beautiful memories of me and my daughter(me photographer and she the cutest model ever) So a perfect training from not so perfect page πŸ™‚

Below you can see some of the dresses I made at that time,and featured image of this post was my page logo.


  1. Awesome inspirational story…. MashaAllah such a talent inside you…… Would love to learn from you…. Any website to learn stitching from?? I love cooking, baking and other creative cores. A full time writer myself, still want to achieve proficiency in baking and cooking.

    • Thank you so much hareem :)…. as you know its an old story now and I can’t remember which websites I used at that time ,just search on google and you will definitely find some free sites on it.
      and this one is a good website, you can buy sewing patterns from here ….

  2. such a beautiful modal and such an inspiring story ….. Anni you are the most positive woman I ever met May Allah always shower his blessings upon you and your family ❀❀❀

  3. MashAllah your daughter is really like a princess ..she is so cute model and obviously dresses are awesome …

  4. Great to ready it’s wonderful and gallantlyπŸ‘

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