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channa ki dal ka halwa
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Channay ki dal ka halwa

This recipe is shared by our very talent member Annie Akram. Thank you Annie Akram for sharing you yummy recipe Channa dal halwa with Funcooking Ingredients, Chanay ki daal….half cup Milk…..2 cup Clarified butter….3/4 cup Small cardamom…3 Sugar….half cup Egg …1 Desiccated coconut…1/4 cup Raisins…one tbsp Sliced coconut….as you want […]

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A fantastic recipe by Mehwish Riaz. Thank you so much Mehwish Riaz for sharing your Gajrela recipe with Funcooking. Ingredients, Milk 2 litter Cardamom 3 Crushed Carrots i/2 Kg Grained Rice 1/2 Cup Sugar To Taste For Garnish  Almonds ,Pistachio Directions, Boil milk well,add cardamom. Then add crushed carrots mix […]

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A favorite desi sweet Jalebi from Pakistan/India. Thank you Saba Iftikhar for sharing your recipe with Funcooking. Ingredients, 4 Tbsp Warm Water 1 Tbsp Sugar ½ Tsp Yeast Mix them all and set aside for 15-20 Minutes 1 cups All purpose flour (maida) 1 Tbsp Gram flour (besan) 1 Tbsp […]

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Kashmiri Tea

A beautiful recipe by Saba Iftikhar . Thanks Saba for sharing your recipe with FunCooking Ingredients, 4 cups Water 1 tsp Kashmiri Tea Leaves 2-3 Cardamoms 2 cups Milk 4-5 tsp Condensed Milk Salt to taste Directions, Pour 3 cups of water in a heavy based large pan and add […]

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Stir Fried Spicy Salad

Thanks Annie Akram for sharing your stir fried spicy salad recipe <3 Ingredients, Boil red kidney beans….one cup Boil chickpeas…half cup Boil potatoes…half cup Boil peas…1/3 cup Black olives…1/4 cup Sweet corn…1/4 cup Capsicum….half of a medium(cut in cubes) Tomato one small(cut in cubes) Onion….one small(cut in cubes) Almond…10 whole […]

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Mooli Paratha

Thanks a lot Annie Akram for sharing your delicious Mooli Paratha recipe with us. Ingredients, Radish/Mooli…1 big Salt…to taste Red chilli powder….1/4 tsp Chaat masala…half tsp Crushed pomegranate seeds….1/4 tsp Black cumin seeds….1/4 tsp Kalonji….a pinch Spring onion…1( green part chopped) Fresh Coriander…a handful(chopped) Coriander seeds crushed…1/4 tsp Lemon juice…half […]

Coconut ladu
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Coconut Laddu

A beautiful recipe by Annie Akram, thanks you so much for sharing your recipe annie. Ingredients, Coconut….one cup Condensed milk….1/3 of a tin(add gradually) Almonds…for garnish Desiccated coconut….For coating Directions, Put coconut in a big bowl and gradually add condensed milk..which is 1/3 of a regular tin….Make laddu applying little […]

mango maza
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Mango Maza

Ramadan Competition 2016 winner recipe Mango Maza .Congratulations and thanks Samira Shafiq for sharing your recipe with us.  Fresh Mango Milk shake, Ingredients, Mango Maza Fresh Mango Milkshake fresh Mango Lasi and fresh Mango Juice with mint Fresh Mango Milkshake ingredients 2 Fresh Pakistani ,Brazilian Mangoes 5/6 glasses of milk Sugar […]

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Chinese Bim Balls

Ramadan competition 2016 winner recipe Chinese Bim Balls . Thank you Madeha Adeel for sharing your amazing recipe with us 🙂 Ingredients, Chicken boneless(boil and shredded)1 bowlBread slices 15Bread crumbs (for coating)Egg 2Capsicum 2Cabbage 1/2Carrot 1Meggi noddles 2 packets(chicken flavour)Oil 4 spoon(we need oil for frying also)Salt as per tasteBlack […]