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Try 10 Puff Pastry Snacks & Desserts Recipes

Here are 10 very easy Snacks and Desserts recipes made from ready made puff pastry sheets. Click on the link(click on recipe name) to see the recipe. 1. Cornucopias(click on recipe name for recipe) 2.Mushroom and Chicken Cris-Cross pastry(click on recipe name for recipe)  3. Chicken Basket Tart (click on recipe […]


Try 9 Kababs & Croquettes Recipes

  Here are 9 different and yummy kabab and croquettes recipes. Please click on the links (click on recipe names) to see the recipe. 1. Chicken cheese Croquettes (click on recipe name for recipe)   2.Chicken Shami kabab (click on recipe name for recipe)   3.Beef Sheesh Kabab (click on recipe name for recipe) […]

Breads Pastries Naan

Garlic Naan with out oven

Naan the most favorite type of bread in Pakistan/India. I am making this in a very simple way without oven or Tandoor. You can have it with different types of curries. Applying garlic on simple naan makes it garlic naan and it has awesome flavour you must try. Ingredients, Plain […]


Try 7 types of karhai recipes

Here are 7 types of Pakistani Karhai recipes for Karhai lovers ,am sure you will like them all because they taste so good… 🙂 please click on the links to see the recipes.     1. Basic Chicken Karhai (   2. Simple Meat Karhai (   3.Chicken Achari Karhai (   4. […]