FUNCOOKING is my little corner of the internet!

I’m Aini the voice, author, and creator behind Funcooking. I started as a casual hobby over years ago in 2014 while I was A housewife has now grown into a full-blown business (!!) that reaches millions of people with fun recipes each month.

As a long-time food blogger and chef, I’ve had the pleasure of studying and working as a pastry chef. During this time, I’ve gained invaluable experience in the kitchen and crafted unique desserts that have delighted family and friends alike.

I’m dedicated to bringing fresh takes on classic recipes to everyone’s table. From homemade doughnuts topped with decadent glazes to mouthwatering tarts filled with lush fruit filling, I take pride in providing treats that are both visually stunning and incredibly delicious. My goal is always to bring a little bit of sweetness into each day while also staying true to traditional flavors.

I live in Warrington. My favorite things in life are eating golgappy, rainy days, gossips and outing with my kids and creating recipes while respecting each and every ingredient.

I am an Amazon Influencer I promote products on the Amazon website through my blog, social media accounts and various other channels. My primary focus is to help people find the right product that fits their needs and budgets, while also providing helpful reviews so they can make informed decisions.

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