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Spicy Breaded Fish

Spicy Breaded Fish

Spicy Breaded Fish Recipe Spicy Breaded Fish is a fried fish recipe. Very easy, no mess, no tension quick fix recipe :). In this recipe I used Cod fish but you can use any boneless fish.First coat fish with chicken fry mix then eggs then breadcrumbs. Fry and enjoy. I […]

crispy fry fish
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Crispy Fried Fish

British most favorite Crispy Fried Fish. This recipe is amazing. If you follow the instructions fully, you will get perfect results and crispy fried fish that you can ever imagine. Tip 1: Make sure your fish is nicely dry. Thaw it then with kitchen towels press it and dry all […]

chili prawns
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Chili Prawns

A simple stir fry prawn recipe. Chili prawns. Easy marination with ingredients already available in every kitchen. Thought behind making this recipe was, I wanted to eat prawns in spicy and sour flavors but with out any gravy. Kind of 1 bite food type. So I marinated them with some of […]

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Prawn Masala Biryani

Biryani is a rice-based food with spices and meat. You can use any meat in it, like beef , lamb, chicken, fish, prawns or you can make it vegetarian with different vegetables. I present my take on this classic with prawns this time and this recipe is easy & quick […]