How to arrange a Birthday Lunch

Easy and simple and quick lunch menu for any occasion  I made this for my husband’s birthday. Loved by all this was a perfect lunch I made.

Last year July 2016 I arranged my husband’s birthday lunch. Today I was looking at those old memories/pictures so thought of why not share them with all of you and show you how I made those recipes. I already shared those recipes and pictures with my Facebook followers but now writing a proper post for this.

I decided to make a lunch which will not our everyday curries/biryani/chapati, Also my son is really choosy about foods he eat, mostly he likes fried items. My husband likes salads and tikka style things and my daughter is same 🙂

So I prepare a menu which will loved by all and made Black forest cake because me and my family love it.

I made cake 1 day before and this lunch in almost 2-3 hours.

Menu was

  1. Black forest cake

  2. Asian Baked Mutton

  3. Breaded Chops

  4. Cheesy Baked Chicken

  5. American Corn Salad

Lunch table

lunch ideas
Birthday Lunch

Black forest cake (click here for recipe)

black forest cake
1. I made this black forest cake, very easy and simple recipe that I already shared on my website.

Asian Baked Mutton (Click here for recipe)

asian baked mutton
Asian baked mutton

Breaded Chops (Click here for recipe)

breaded chops
Breaded Chops

Cheese Baked Chicken (Click here for recipe)

Cheesy Baked chicken
Cheesy Baked chicken

American Corn Salad (Click here for recipe)

American Corn Salad
American Corn Salad
lunch menu ideas
So this was my husband’s Birthday Lunch
Hope you like it 🙂



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