Effective Kitchen Cleaning and Corner Cabinets Organisation Tips

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The kitchen is the area where we spend a lot of our time in and it can get really messy quite fast. Cleaning it doesn’t have to be a tedious chore, though. If you follow the easy steps below, kitchen cleaning will be more effective and you’ll be surprised at how easy it was to manage.

Prioritise your tasks

  • Making a plan before cleaning your entire kitchen can save you a lot of time and effort later on. 
  • Take a couple of minutes to write down what needs to be done and divide the area into zones. This will help you organise your time as well. 
  • Focus on cleaning your kitchen from top to bottom. 
  • Remember that mopping is the last thing that should be done. 
  • If condition is beyond cleaning, think about refacing your cabinets or renovate the entire kitchen.

There is no need to clean the floors first and then dust the countertops and kitchen cabinets. This will only make your just-cleaned floors dirty again and will lead to doubling chores. 

Check how I organise the spice cabinet and the cutlery tray.

Save time  

Kitchens tend to get really cluttered with all sorts of things that belong to many other places. Instead of wasting time going back and forth, bringing every single thing back to its primary place and room, arm yourself with a basket or any other container of your choice. Start by cleaning the dirtiest spots in your home!

Put anything that doesn’t belong to the kitchen in that container and set it aside! 

After you are done cleaning your kitchen, you’ll be able to take all the miscellaneous items back to where they should be in no time. 

Declutter first

Since you are intending to clean the entire kitchen, you might as well take the time to go through your cabinets, shelves and cooking gadgets. It is best to take everything out so that you can actually see what you are working with and organise it easily. You may be even surprised at how much stuff you have that you aren’t using. 

Here’s what the oven and BBQ cleaning expert Cyrus Bedwyr advice is:

  • Take the chance to declutter cookbooks, mugs and kitchen gadgets that you don’t really use, but take too much space instead. 
  • Don’t forget to wipe your kitchen cabinets and shelves before you put everything back in. 

Where to start from?

Don’t be afraid to tackle the dirtiest zone in your kitchen. In fact, as soon as you are done with it, you will find cleaning the rest of the area easy to do. If you think it will serve you well and make you more productive, set a timer and challenge yourself. 

Listening to your favourite music can also help you quite a lot while focusing on getting your kitchen cleaned in no time. Make sure you clean under the sink as well.

Don’t forget the pantry

The pantry is where we store our food so we want to make sure it is well organised and kept clean. However, this is not always applicable. In order to maintain a clean and organised pantry in our home, we should make it suit our needs. 

  • The first thing you should do is take all of your food out of the pantry and check the expiration dates. 
  • Don’t hesitate to throw away anything that’s expired from your last BBQ party.
  • Organise the rest of the food into categories and put it in containers. When organising anything in your home, labelling is important. This will help you keep your food well-organized for a long time. 
  • Don’t forget to wipe the shelves in your pantry before you arrange the food containers in it. 

Corner Cabinets Organisation

Corner cabinets can be hard to organise sometimes. Before you move on to the organisation, take a look around your kitchen. It is already divided into zones anyway. The main idea is to make it easy and convenient for you to reach whatever you need and save back-and-forth trips all around your kitchen. 

The cabinets around your oven and above it are perfect for storing spices, cooking oils, cookware, pans and pots, etc. 

Make it easy to reach

Different sized bottles and containers are not easy to organise, too. If you arrange the big items behind the small ones, it won’t be really easy for you to access them. Therefore, in order to make everything reachable, we’d recommend that you put the small items on one side of your cabinets and the big ones to the other. 

Put the things you use often at the front. The rest of your stuff can go in the back of your shelves and upper cabinets if you don’t use them as often. This will make it easy for you to grab whatever you need right away. 

Cleaning the entire kitchen can be really motivational to keep it that way for long. Therefore, try to maintain the areas right after use. It takes no time at all and helps keep the kitchen clean all the time.


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