How to manage your household chores

How to manage your household chores

OK I am here to write a very sensible post today :)😎  . How to manage your household chores.

You are a housewife with lot of things doing at same time and worried because nothing is going right. You are running whole day and still your meal is not done. You have small kids who are not leaving you to do anything. If yes then this post is for you. I am writing this post for those lovelies, house wives who really want to change their house hold routine.

What I actually feel, why all of us feel tired of doing these daily cleaning and cooking because of course we hate doing it and we don’t want to do it at all 🙂

Hmmmm ….. so what’s the solution here. Make your mind first. Do it or leave it at all !!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes you read it right 🙂 Do it or leave it. If you don’t want to do it then have a break, sit on your comfortable sofa, eat your favorite snack and watch TV. Yes it’s also very important to have a break for a day but because this post is not about this, we will talk about it some other day in detail of how to take a break 😉 🙃

I got married about 14 years ago and over the years what I actually learned, I am writing this post on that base.Very important is to feel relax and happy while doing these home things, do not feel it like burden on your head.

And if you really want to do it then stand up, we will do it together 🙂 😍

So let’s start.

1. Make your mood.

First of all make your mood and mind for what you are going to do. It’s not about anyone else, it’s about you. This is your home and if you work for it with out any appreciation then it is totally ok. I hope you are understanding what I want to tell you. It is very important to prepare your mind, think about it in a positive way. Tell yourself this is my home and I will do it for myself.

2. Turn on your favorite songs.

When your mind is ready to do it then turn on your favorite songs. Songs will help you not to feel bore while doing these chores.

3. Just 1 hour everyday.

Keep in mind just 1 hour work everyday.

4. Laundry and dishes.

First put your laundry in washing machine and dishes in dishwasher.(or wash them if you do not have dishwasher) until these things will finish you can do other things.

5. Cook meal.

For this you have to be active and thoughtful for what you are going to cook for the whole week. Plan your meals ahead of time. For a week or for a month. This means you should know what you are going to cook today. I feel mostly many ladies waste their time of thinking what to cook today. So think it in the beginning of month or week.Write your menu and stick it on your fridge. Do all grocery accordingly and just make it fresh.

6. Now cleaning.

If you finished cooking then clean your kitchen first, then other rooms and bathrooms.

7. Divide days for cleaning.

I suggest to divide your days for cleaning. Like Monday for bed rooms, Tuesday for living room, etc. This way it will be easy for you.

8. Ask help from your kids.

Talk to your family about house chores. Tell them to help you because you can not do it alone. First your kids 🙂 tell them to clean their room and their toy area. Also give them small things like keeping shoes at right place, dusting or keeping things on their place.

And like this, if you make your mind and give your home 1 hour everyday, trust me every thing will be perfect. 😍


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