Mushroom and Chicken Cris-Cross pastry

Serving = 2-3 persons


  • mushroom 7-8
  • chicken   50 gm
  • red and yellow capsicum    1 small
  • green chili  2
  • onion  1 medium
  •  puff pastry sheet  350 gm
  • salt as required
  • red chili flakes   1 tsp
  • soy sauce     2 tbsp
  • italian seasoning  1 tsp
  • shredded cheddar cheese    100 gm
  • egg 1


1.In a chopper chop mushroom ,boiled chicken, red and yellow capsicum,green chili ,onion separately each mix them and add salt,red chili flakes,soy sauce ,italian seasoning,add cheddar cheese mix well.set aside.

3.cut the puff pastry in squares ,reserve the middle for mixture, cut thin strips along edges.

4.separate the mixture in 4 parts ,keep it in middle of the pastry.u can make 4 small pastries with this mixture fold the pastry strips one from right side,one from left side,then again right side,then left and so on.

6.preheat the oven on 180 C.

7. brush the pastries with beaten egg.

8.bake them on a baking sheet  for 25 minutes or until pastry is golden brown.

9. serve.

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