Fenugreek Fried Chicken

Qasori Methi Fried Chicken (Fenugreek Fried Chicken). A different method and different flavour recipe for fried chicken.


List 1,

  • Chicken with bones  600-700 g
  • Yogurt  3 tbsp
  • Red chili flakes  3/4 tbsp
  • Fenugreek leaves (qasori methi dried)  1/2 tbsp
  • Chicken cube  1
  • Ginger garlic paste  1 tbsp
  • Egg  1
  • Salt  1/2 tsp

List 2,

  • Flour  4 tbsp
  • Gram flour  2 tbsp
  • Rice flour  2 tbsp
  • Eggs  2
  • Salt  3/4 tsp
  • White pepper  3/4 tsp


fried chicken
1. Add all list 1 ingredients in a bowl.
Crush chicken cube before adding.
fried chicken
Mix well
fried chicken
Add chicken
fried chicken
Marinate for 1/2 hour.
fried chicken
Steam cook it for 1/2 hour.
fried chicken
Mix all list 2 ingredients.
fried chicken
Now first roll chicken pieces 1 by 1 in flour ,then dip in batter we made above.
fried chicken
Fry them until golden
fried chicken
Serve with french fries and your favorite dip.
I am serving it with my favorite sauce, recipe given below.

Karachi Broast Sauce Recipe Here


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