Shahi Tukray

Zafrani Shahi Tukray

Shahi Tukray is a bread pudding Indian sweet of fried bread slices soaked in hot milk and sugar syrup.It is also called Double ka meetha and it is a dessert of Hyderabad India. In Pakistan it is also very famous.

This time I made zafrani Shahi Tukray but previously I also shared 4 different styles of Shahi tukray recipes in my blog, also check them.

One of the top favorites for a dinner party over the festive season or in normal days got to be Shahi Tukra; a decadent Mughlai bread pudding made with saffron custard, crushed almonds and pistachios  soaked in rose syrup. There’s no skimping in this dish! (shahi meaning royal). Sinful, indulgent and so very delicious!

This recipe has just the right amount of sugar and I am sure you will like it. Do try and do not forget to give your reviews  🙂 

Serving = 6 persons


List 1,

  • Milk  2 cups
  • Sugar  1/4 cup
  • Saffron  a pinch
  • Egg yolks   4
  • Corn flour  1/2 tbsp

List 2,

  • Sugar  1/4 cup
  • Water  1/2 cup
  • Rose Water  1 tbsp

List 3,

  • Bread slices  9
  • Clarified butter (ghee) for frying
  • Almonds and pistachio chopped  1/2 cup
  • Edible Silver paper for garnishing 


shahi tukray
1. In 4 egg yolks add 1/2 tbsp of corn flour.
2. Mix it well.
3. Boil 2 cups milk with generous pinch of saffron and 1/4 cup sugar.Let it boil. Turn off the heat.Then let it slightly cool.
4. Add egg mixture to this and keep mixing.
5. Turn on the heat again and cook and whisk on medium heat until thick and creamy.
6. Take out in a bowl and cover with cling film until cool.
You can also sieve your custard if you feel lumps in it.
shahi tukray
Add cream into your cool custard ,mix well and set a side.
Cut bread edges and slice bread into 2 or 4 slices.

shahi tukray
Heat clarified butter in a pan. Fry these bread slices until golden brown.
Shahi Tukray
Set a side.
Shahi Tukray
Now from list 2 add 1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 cup water and rose water in a pan. Let it boil for 30 seconds. Turn off the heat. Let it cool.
Chop almonds and pistachios.
Shahi Tukray
Gather all prepared cool ingredients at 1 place with a serving dish.
Shahi Tukray
Now for layering
First keep bread slices in dish. Pour sugar syrup 4-5 tbsp on it, sprinkle some almonds and pistachios on it. Now pour 1/3 custard on it. Again bread slices,sugar syrup, nuts, custard and so on.
Shahi Tukray
Decorate it with remaining nuts and edible silver paper. Chill in fridge nicely. Serve very cold.

I made this Zafrani Shahi Tukray for my family lunch with Boti kebabWhite Rice and Dal Makhani. Do Try all these recipes.

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