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My Husband’s Birthday Lunch 2017

My husband’s birthday  🙂 . Last year in July 2017 I did all these arrangements and cooked 4 simple dishes plus bake a full chocolaty cake.Sometimes really busy and sometimes not in mood of typing  😀 posting this today on 28 January 2018.

Yes !!!!!! I know it’s too lazy attitude 😉 but bear me friends and say thanks to me for at least posting it today  😎 .

birthday lunch ideas
birthday lunch ideas

Just 4 of us, husband me and 2 kids so made this lunch as quick and tempting as I can.I don’t like to invite people specially on my husband’s birthday. Thinking it’s a rude attitude  🙂 . Let me tell you the reason !

I invite friends and family a lot on other days of the year, but on this day I just want to cook for him, not for anyone else and make him feel special. Also when you live abroad where you don’t have any help. When you cook for a lot of people, you get tired and that day becomes your exasperating day at the end. So after cooking for 3-4 hours I also want to enjoy with my family. We have lunch together then I left all the dishes where they are and relax  😀 . In short I do all the work before the party ,not after that 🙄 . 2nd thing our very close family our parents and siblings are not with us. Hope so next birthdays we will celebrate with them  🙂 

I made all these things in 3-4 hours. My full focus that day was this yummy chocolate cake so I kept all other lunch dishes simple and quick, almost ready made stuff but cooked in different style and no full meal style recipes, I made dishes like finger food. 

I chose Chocolate drip Cake this time because it is so much in now a days also my son likes chocolate cakes and he told me to bake a cake for papa which should have chocolates inside,outside every where  🙂 . And you can see I bake exactly what he wanted. Papa’s birthday cake with son’s choice, don’t surprise you will know the fact when you get married and of course you know it if you are already married  🙂 

Lets have a look what I cooked with recipes so you can make them as well for your quick dinners and tea parties.

The menu was

  1. Baked corn cheese baton
  2. Tacos
  3. Chili prawns
  4. Fresh Salad with blue cheese dressing
  5. Chocolate Drip Cake

Chocolate Drip Cake (Recipe Here)

Chocolate drip cake
Chocolate Drip Cake

Baked Corn Cheese Baton (Recipe Here)

baked corn cheese baton
Baked corn cheese baton

Chili Prawns (Recipe Here)

chili prawns
chili prawns

Tacos (Recipe Here)


Fresh salad with Blue Cheese Dressing (Recipe Here)

Fresh salad with blue cheese dressing
Fresh salad with blue cheese dressing
birthday lunch ideas
birthday lunch ideas


  1. That cake looks AMAZING!

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