Valentines day food menu dinner

Valentine’s Day Menu

Valentines day food menu 89

Newly married or living with him since many yeas and living in a big family.  Valentine’s day is here.Now you are  thinking what to do now. We can’t celebrate it because we have small kids we can’t go out or we have a big family we can’t cook special valentine’s menu’s . We don’t have money how to make him happy what gift should I give him. So be practical this time do not over think and keep it simple ,you can still celebrate this day perfectly. 🙂

Valentine’s Day a special day for people we love 🙂  Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” Its a day of love you can say.

Usually this day is associated with 2 persons but when you have kids and have a big lovely family then be practical, now there are so many people who love you , and keeping them happy should be your first priority. So celebrate this day with your family.

Back to my home land Pakistan where we have strong family systems , mostly we can’t do many things alone so I made a menu for this special day which is super easy and if you have a big family you can make it for all of them easily.

As I am a mother of 2  🙂 and want to celebrate valentine’s day with my family so why not make it practical …. leave all those expensive gifts and for 2 persons dinners ,going out etc…. I am showing you a menu for valentine’s day which is super easy, cheap ,quick and every one can make it. And don’t worry if you are living in a family of 5-6-7-8 etc persons. You can make it with out any tension.

My most blog readers are also from Pakistan and some of them don’t have oven or many new learners are also here so these are perfect easy things … and I am sure this post would help them too. Also i made a desi menu so with out changing our taste buds and with out doing mistakes in cooking on our special day we celebrate it perfectly.

I know this time all other bloggers are making chocolate desserts, cakes, stylish meun with all their perfect abilities to make their valentine’s happy but I just want all my readers to be comfortable in what I am sharing for them for this special day. And life is not a bollywood movie you have to live it practically.

So a very practical valentine’s day for all of you from my side. Make and enjoy 🙂

2 things I made which is a complete menu with salad  🙂 all recipes are given below

  1. Valentin’s shahi tukray
  2. Valentine’s Chicken Tikka
Valentines day food menu dinner
Valentine’s day menu

Valentine’s day Shahi tukray (CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE)

Shahi Tukray
Shahi Tukray

Valentin’s day Chicken Tikka (CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE)

Chicken Tikka
Chicken Tikka
Valentines day food menu dinner
Valentine’s day dinner menu

I know now many people will think why I made this post ? 🙂 so here is the reason.

Whenever I post different recipes on my website , people appreciate them, like them but there are some people who message me and tell me we love the way you cook but we can’t cook these recipes because we have big families and small kids , we can’t celebrate different occasions because of different mind sets of our family members. So instead of making some stylish difficult expensive menu , I make it simple for all of you so every one can make it and enjoy without any regret.

Valentines day food menu 89


  1. This looks very tasty!

  2. It’s a great idea to provides recipes for those who can’t go out because of a family situation or the expense. We’ll be having soup on Valentine’s day because my hubby is having a root canal on the day before.

  3. I always cook my husband’s favorite on Valentine’s Day. We don’t like the crowds at the restaurants. He does something sweet for me and I cook for him. It works for us. This meal looks amazing! I’m heading for the recipes now~I am just stopping by from Janice’s party!

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