Chocolate buttercream

Chocolate buttercream

Learn how to make perfect chocolate butter cream which is good for spreading and covering cakes and piping simple designs. I always use this recipe in my cakes , do try and give your feed backs.

Serving= This recipe is good for covering a 6 inch square cake and 7 inch round cake with a little bit piped decorations.


  • Unsalted butter  400 g
  • Icing sugar  400 g
  • Dark Chocolate  100 g
  • Unsweetened Coco powder  40 g
  • Vanilla essence   1 tsp
  • Milk  1 tbsp


chocolate buttercream
1. Melt 100 g chocolate in microwave, set a side.
chocolate buttercream
2. Sift icing sugar and coco powder separately, set a side. Take room temperature butter in a bowl and beat it with pedal attachment fitted in stand mixer ,until fluffy for about 10 minutes.
chocolate buttercream
3. Now add in icing sugar in 2 parts and mix for more 10 minutes.
chocolate buttercream
4. Add cool melted chocolate and beat again until mix well.
chocolate buttercream
5. Add sifted coco powder and again beat it until mix well and there are no lumps in buttercream.
chocolate buttercream
6. Add in vanilla extract and milk, beat well and done.
Chocolate buttercream
Smooth yummy Chocolate buttercream is ready and its perfect for spreading over cakes and piping simple designs.


  1. It looks good recipe. I will try soon.

  2. Tnx dear, I will try it

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