Thai Fried Rice

Thai fried rice is a lovely recipe of Thai cuisine. In Thai, khao means “rice” and phat means “stir fried”. This dish differs from Chinese fried rice in that it is prepared with Thai jasmine rice instead of regular long-grain rice. It normally contains meat (chicken, shrimp, and crab), eggs, onions, garlic and sometimes different vegetables. The seasonings, which may include soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, salt, some chili sauce if you want, and the nam pla(fish sauce), are stir-fried together with the other ingredients. The dish is then plated and served with accompaniments like cucumber slices, tomato slices, lime and sprigs of green onions and coriander.

I am serving these rice today with Thai Cashew Chicken ,so making this recipe slightly different than original and not adding any meat in it. You can add meat in it if you want.

Along with the fried rice itself, the most essential component of this Thai fried rice recipe is a condiment known as prik nam pla (Fish sauce with chilies)

No matter what Thai street food restaurant you eat at, you’ll always find this delicious condiment on your table. Prik nam pla (chilies and fish sauce) is chopped chilies mixed with fish sauce and some squeeze of lemon or lime juice.

So do try this recipe and give your feed backs.

Servings= 5-6


List 1,

  • Jasmine rice  2 cups (How to cook recipe)
  • Eggs  3
  • Garlic  6 cloves
  • Onion  1 big
  • Green onion  3
  • Oil  5-6 tbsp

List 2,

  • Soy sauce   3 tbsp
  • Oyster sauce  3 tbsp
  • Sugar  1 tsp
  • Black pepper  1 tsp

List 3, (for prik num pla, Chilies in fish sauce)

  • Red chili chopped  1 big
  • Fish sauce  5 tbsp
  • Lemon juice  3 tbsp


Thai fried rice, prik num pla
1. First add all list 3 ingredients in a bowl, mix well and set a side, serve this chilies with fish sauce with rice.
Thai fried rice
2. Chop garlic, green onions, and slice white onion.
jasmine rice on this pic and cook jasmine rice according to instructions. Set a side. its good if you cook them a day before you stir fry them. (taste would be more better than)
Thai fried rice
4. Take a big wok, add 4-5 tbsp oil with garlic. Stir it few seconds.
Thai fried rice
5. Add in rice and stir on high heat for 1 minute.
Thai fried rice
6. Now put the rice on 1 side of pan and make some space for 3 eggs.
Thai fried rice
7. Stir eggs and cook them.
Thai fried rice
8. Add all list 2 ingredients, and some salt if required.
Thai fried rice
9. Mix well on high heat, add white and green onion.
Thai fried rice
10. Stir on high heat few more seconds and done.
Taste salt, if you want add more.
Thai fried rice
11. Serve with prik num pla(chilies in fish sauce) and sprinkle of green onions and slice of lemon on side.

Thai Cashew Chicken (Recipe)

Thai cashew chicken


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