Beef and mutton

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Urad Dal Gosht
Beef and mutton

Urad Dal Gosht

Urad Dal Gosht Recipe A delicious and my favorite everyday meat and lentil curry recipe. I love making it and my family like the taste of this curry. I find it really easy to make that is why it is in my everyday recipes. It is kind of our comfort […]

Beef and mutton


How to make Hareesa Hareesa is a dish made from lentils,porridge and meat. The ingredients are slow cooked and stirred with a wooden spoon, until the consistency resembles a thick gravy. Then, meat balls or kebabs are added to the hareesa, which gives it a unique taste and texture. This is […]

paye cholay
Beef and mutton, Breakfast

Paye Cholay

Paye or Paya is one of the popular Pakistani curry recipe that people serve in breakfast, but also go delicious in lunch and dinner. In Punjab people make it with chickpeas and the dish is called paye cholay. Which I am sharing today. Previously I shared my family recipe for how to […]

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A taco is a traditional Mexican dish in which crunchy or soft corn tortillas are stuffed with meat, fresh veg or seafood with tasty taco seasoning, crisp lettuce, grated cheese and a dash of tangy salsa.  I made them in a quick way with ready made crunchy taco shells for my husband’s birthday lunch and  […]

Beef and mutton, Curry

Bhindi Gosht

Bhindi Gosht (meat curry with ladyfingers), this recipe comes in our everyday curry recipes in Pakistan. I learned  this from my mother in law.Made with very basic ingredients but taste really different and yummy.Do try it as it is and I am sure all of you love it 🙂 Ingredients,List […]