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Chicken Borek

Turkish cuisine is famous for its endless varieties of delicious layered pies and pastries, called ‘börek‘ . ‘Börek‘ is made with layers of yufka or phyllo. It comes in many shapes and sizes and is filled with everything from meat, cheese, spinach and even spiced-up mashed potato. It is made by […]


Fenugreek Fried Chicken

Qasori Methi Fried Chicken (Fenugreek Fried Chicken). A different method and different flavour recipe for fried chicken. Ingredients, List 1, Chicken with bones  600-700 g Yogurt  3 tbsp Red chili flakes  3/4 tbsp Fenugreek leaves (qasori methi dried)  1/2 tbsp Chicken cube  1 Ginger garlic paste  1 tbsp Egg  1 […]

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Quick 1 step Chicken Qorma

Chicken Qorma a famous dish from India/Pakistan.If you want to get that perfect traditional taste then it has lot of steps, but today I design this recipe in a quick way and also used ready made fried onions.Just mix all ingredients,cook them and done. Be careful just for 1 thing, […]


Thai Cashew Chicken

Thai Cashew Chicken is my most favorite thai dish. There are 2 ways of making this, 1 with some sauce and 1 is dry. I like the dry version with lot of chilies, caramelized onions and crispy cashews. I am serving this with Thai fried rice (Recipe). 1 thing this […]

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Quick Fried Chicken

[amazon_link asins=’B006MYBR4Q,B00GJKU1TA,B00DPYBZAM,B006FH9AHQ’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’aminco-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’817a4785-5208-11e7-9370-8905dad38888′] Fried Chicken who don’t like this. Shared many recipes in my blog like this but this time making it in a quick way and its a recipe designed for beginners. Some people complain when they fry their chicken it has some blood in it […]