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Coconut ladu
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Coconut Laddu

A beautiful recipe by Annie Akram, thanks you so much for sharing your recipe annie. Ingredients, Coconut….one cup Condensed milk….1/3 of a tin(add gradually) Almonds…for garnish Desiccated coconut….For coating Directions, Put coconut in a big bowl and gradually add condensed milk..which is 1/3 of a regular tin….Make laddu applying little […]

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7 Hygiene Tips Every Chef Should Follow!

Many ignore the importance of clean aprons, hair nets, and germ-free hands, but without a proper personal hygiene, even a 5 star restaurant could go out of business overnight! loves passionate cooking and tasty recipes, but we’ve decided to wrap up a handful of crucial tips that even professional […]

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Quick 1 step Chicken Qorma

Chicken Qorma a famous dish from India/Pakistan.If you want to get that perfect traditional taste then it has lot of steps, but today I design this recipe in a quick way and also used ready made fried onions.Just mix all ingredients,cook them and done. Be careful just for 1 thing, […]

Vege raita
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Vege Raita

A simple yet delicious spicy yogurt dip recipe made with lots of vegetables. Serve it with any curry, or rice dish or eat it on its own, or serve it with tortilla chips ,you will love it. Ingredients, Yogurt   250 g Boiled potatoes cubed   1 Tomato chopped  1 Fresh coriander […]

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Prawn Masala Biryani

Biryani is a rice-based food with spices and meat. You can use any meat in it, like beef , lamb, chicken, fish, prawns or you can make it vegetarian with different vegetables. I present my take on this classic with prawns this time and this recipe is easy & quick […]

bondi raita
Sauces Dips Chatnies

Bondi Raita

Simple, quick and yummy way of making Bondi raita yogurt dip which goes perfect with rice dishes and curries. It is made of 4-5 simple ingredients. Bondi (very small gram flour fritters), black rock salt, cumin, green chili and garlic paste. Ingredients, Yogurt  250 g Black rock salt  1/2 tsp […]