7 best Spring Roll Recipes

Spring Rolls. Who doesn’t love a hot, fried spring roll dipped in sweet spicy sauce? Making them yourself ensures a maximum freshness and flavour. These are filled, rolled appetizers found in East Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine.  You’ve never really had a spring roll until you’ve tried homemade ones. Absolutely incomparable to the spring rolls served at typical suburban Chinese restaurants with unidentifiable fillings.

 Although spring rolls certainly aren’t confined to China – almost every country in east Asia has its own version in making them and I have my own ways of making this delicious delicacy. I made these different types of spring rolls in different times, now gathering them together and sharing for all my sweet blog readers.

Freshly deep-fried spring rolls are light, crispy and airy. The crackling sound of the first bite brings back the memory of my mother’s homemade spring rolls I had as a kid. My mother always used to make them fresh and my friends specially came to my home for them.Everybody loved them I wish I can make them like her  🙂 

Ramadan or Ramzan is our Holy month. During this month in Pakistan people mostly like some snack type items for Iftar .We tend to do quite a lot of cooking during Ramadan, so I thought it would be nice to actually share some ideas in this post about how to make spring rolls in different styles. Although a few of the recipes would require some extra effort, most of the recipes are simple, so that you do not have to spend long hours in the kitchen. These must try Ramadan Recipes have been specially picked to facilitate in your meal planning during this auspicious month.

Let’s have a look these how I made these delicious spring rolls in different ways.

1.Tandoori Chicken Spring Rolls

Tandori chicken spring rolls
Tandoori chicken spring rolls

2.Chicken Cheese Rolls

Chicken Cheese Roll

3.Potato Cheese 1 bite Rolls

Potato Cheese 1 bite Rolls

4. Chicken Mince Cheese Spring Rolls

Chicken mince cheese spring rolls
Chicken mince cheese spring rolls

5. Chicken Cigars

Chicken Cigar

6. Spring Rolls (Chicken and Vegetable)

spring roll
Spring Rolls (Chicken and Vegetable)

7. Chicken Spicy Spring Roll 

Chicken spicy spring rolls
Chicken spicy spring rolls

8. How to roll spring rolls perfectly

How to roll, Spring rolls perfectly.
How to roll, Spring rolls perfectly.


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