Big Dinner at mine (See how I manage it)

A Desi dinner for my friends how I manage it, what I made and how I serve it .All this with all recipes and ideas you can do in your next dinners.

I love to make dinners and lunches for my friends and family. So this time I made this dinner for my most beloved friends. This dinner was for almost 16 persons and its enough for almost 20 persons.

I made these recipes in 1 and half day. I made desserts and did some preparations 1 day before so have a look how I did it.

Menu was

  1. Murg Qoftay

  2. Qandhari Mutton

  3. Lahori fried Fish

  4. Bihari boti

  5. Chicken reshmi kebab

  6. Chicken Biryani

  7. Black pepper Mutton chops

8. 6 types of salad Platter

  • Spicy Maxican salad

  • French cucumber salad

  • Olive and Macaroni salad

  • Chickpea salad

  • Pineapple and Chicken salad

  • Fruity salad

9. Dips and Chatnies

  • Garlic dip

  • Mint raita

  • Tamarind dip/chatny

10. Desserts,

  • Desi tiramisu in cups

  • Faloda

The very first thing which I did , marinate bihari boti , lahori fried fish, and kept that in fridge then I made chicken reshmi kebeb and murg qoftay and kept them in fridge. Then I made all three chatnies. Cover them properly and in the fridge 🙂 .

After that I made desi tiramisu and falooda seal them nicely with cling film and foil, kept them in fridge.So that they don’t have that meat smell in fridge. Then I cleaned up all mess I made 🙂

Next day I prepared salads dressing and cut all vegetables in morning. Then made biryani , murg qoftay, qandhari mutton, and chops. Again cleanup 🙂

Just 2 hours before guests arrived I mix salad dressings in veges and fruits and arrange that in plate. Bake bihari boti, pan fry reshmi kebabs and lastly I fried fish and served all these delicious dishes

Almost all these recipes are already in website, some are new so have a look on all these recipes.

  1. Murg Qoftay (Click here for recipe)

Murg qoftay
Murg Qoftay

2. Qandhari Mutton (click here for recipe)

qandhari mutton
Qandhari mutton

3. Lahori fried fish (click here for recipe)

Lahori fried fish
Lahori fried fish

4. Bihari Boti (click here for recipe)

Bihari boti
Bihari boti

5. Chicken Reshmi Kebab (click here for recipe)

Chicken reshmi kebab
Chicken reshmi kebab

6. Chicken Biryani (click here for recipe)

I followed the same recipe just didn’t add potatoes.

Chicken biryani
Chicken biryani



7. Black pepper mutton chops (click here for recipe)





Black pepper mutton chops 

Black pepper mutton chops

8. 6 Types of Salad Platter (click here for recipe)

Salad platter
Salad platter

9. Dips and Chatnies

Garlic dip (click here for recipe)

Mint Raita (click here for recipe)

Tamarind chatni (click here for recipe)

Dips and chatnies

10. Desserts.

Desi tiramisu in cups (Click here for recipe)

I followed the same recipe ,but this time I made small cups for it.

Desi Tiramisu
Desi Tiramisu

Faloda (Click here for recipe)


So these were all recipes and my little efforts for making a beautiful lunch for my friends. Hope you guys like it and do try these recipes and give me feedbacks, also if you don’t understand any thing, feel free to comment and ask <3 🙂

I tried to took all pics but as you know when guests arrive this is very uncomfortable for me and also for them I guess to see that DSLR in my hand … haha …. so can’t took those perfect clicks of my table but yaaaa not bad 🙂 …… I am sure these recipes ,ideas will definitely help all of you in your next dinners <3

lunch dinner






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  2. Masah allah rhe guests must have loved all this.
    Zabardast menu.

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