10 Recipes you can make and freeze for Ramadan

Ramadan Recipes

All of us need some awesome Ramadan Recipes that we can make and freeze for Ramadan Kareem … so here are 10+ recipes and all of them are perfect. I made them for my family and they liked each one of them 🙂

1. Chicken Tenders Recipe

Chicken Tenders KFC Style
Chicken Tenders KFC Style

2. Fish Cutlets Recipe

fish cutlets
Fish cutlets

3. Potato Cheese 1 Bite Rolls Recipe


4. Raw Mince Kebab Recipe

Raw mince kebabs

5. Chicken Reshmi Kebab Recipe

Chicken Reshmi Kebab

6. Tandoori Chicken Spring Roll Recipe

Tandori chicken spring rolls
Tandori chicken spring rolls

7. Chicken Hand Pies Recipe

Chicken hand pies
Chicken Hand Pies

8. Noodle Nuggets Recipe

noodle nuggets
Noodle nuggets

9. Breaded Chops Recipe

breaded chops
Breaded Chops

10. Hary Bhary Nuggets Recipe

Hary Bhary Nuggets

I also shared many other recipes which you can freeze for Ramadan Click here to see my 30+ recipes which you can make and freeze for Ramadan

Ramadan recipes



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