Ramadan recipes

30+ Recipes you can make and freeze for Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Recipes

All of us need some awesome Ramadan Recipes that we can make and freeze for Ramadan Kareem … so here are 30+ recipes and all of them are perfect. I made them for my family and they like each one of them πŸ™‚

1. Corn Cheese Balls (click here for recipe)

Corn Cheese Balls
Corn Cheese Balls

2. Qeema Samosa (click here for recipe)

Qeema samosa 79
Qeema Samosa

3.Fish & Cheese Balls (click here for recipe)

Fish and Cheese balls 333
Fish and Cheese balls

4. Chapli Kabab (click here for recipe)

Chapli Kabab 113
Chapli Kabab

5. Chicken Cigars (Click here for recipe)

Chicken Cigars 223
Chicken Cigars

6. Frozen Crispy Chicken Wings (click here for recipe)

Frozen crispy Chicken wings
Frozen crispy Chicken wings

7. Apple Pie Macdonald’s style (click here for recipe)

Apple pie
Apple pie

8. Frozen Meat Balls/Qoftay (Click here for recipe)

frozen meatballs
Frozen Meat Balls

9. Chicken Cheese Rolls (Click here for recipe)

serve with any sauce of your choice.
chicken cheese rolls

10. Lakhnavi Galawati Kebab (click here for recipe)

Lakhnawi Galawati Kabab 223
Lakhnavi Galawati Kebab

11. Frozen Parathy (click here for recipe)

Frozen Parathy
Frozen Parathy

12. Shami Kebab (click here for recipe)

Shami Kebab 78
shami kebab

13. Chicken Tenders (click here for recipe)

chicken tenders
chicken tenders

14. Frozen Sheesh Kebab (click here for recipe)

frozen sheesh kebab
Frozen Sheesh Kebab

15. Chickpea Crispies (click here for recipe)

Chickpea Crispies.
Chickpea Crispies.

16. Spinach &Cheese Kebab (click here for recipe)

Spinach and cheese Kebab

17. Kafta Kebab (click here for recipe)

Kafta Kebab

18. Β Frozen Drumsticks (click here for recipe)

frozen drumsticks
frozen drumsticks

19. Meat Cheese Burger (click here for recipe)

Meat Cheese Burger
Meat Cheese Burger

20. Frozen Square Lacha Paratha (click here for recipe)

12. Square lacha paratha is ready.
Square lacha paratha


21.Meat tiny KababΒ (click here for recipe)

meat tiny kabab
meat tiny kabab
















22.Chicken Nuggets(click here for recipe)

Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets













23. Greeny Veg NuggetsΒ (click here for recipe)

Greeny veg nuggets
Greeny veg nuggets














24. Vegetarian Seekh KababΒ (click here for recipe)

Vegetarian Seekh Kabab
Vegetarian Seekh Kabab













25.Spring rolls(chicken and vegetable)(click here for recipe)

Spring rolls(chicken and vegetable)
Spring rolls(chicken and vegetable)















26.Chicken cheese CroquettesΒ (click here for recipe)

Chicken cheese Croquettes
Chicken cheese Croquettes


27.Chicken Chapli KababΒ (click here for recipe)

chicken chapli kabab
chicken chapli kabab


28.Chicken Shami kababΒ (click here for recipe)

Chicken Shami kabab
Chicken Shami kabab


29. Aloo Palak Kabab(Potato Spinach Kabab)Β (click here for recipe)

Aloo Palak Kabab(Potato Spinach Kabab)
Aloo Palak Kabab(Potato Spinach Kabab)


30.Cheesy corn ballsΒ (Click here for recipe)

cheesy corn balls
cheesy corn balls


31. Chicken soy ballsΒ (click here for recipe)

Chicken soy balls
Chicken soy balls


32. Beef turn oversΒ (click here for recipe)

Beef turn overs
Beef turn overs


33.Chicken Tiny Sheesh KababΒ (click Β here for recipe)

Chicken Tiny Sheesh Kabab
Chicken Tiny Sheesh Kabab


34. Beef Sheesh KababΒ (click here for recipe)

Beef Sheesh Kabab
Beef Sheesh Kabab


35. Mushroom Chicken CroquettesΒ (click here for recipe)

Mushroom Chicken Croquettes
Mushroom Chicken Croquettes


36. Pakistani Bakery Style Chicken PattiesΒ (click here for recipe)

Pakistani Bakery Style Chicken Patties
Pakistani Bakery Style Chicken Patties



37. Meat patty for burger (frozen)(click here for recipe)

meat burger patty
Meat patty (frozen)


  1. AssalamuLikum very useful for all ladies during Ramadan plzz do these preparation as early as possible n make sure that you we all will remember me in your duas ameen ?

  2. Wafa habeeb

    Assalam alaikum…ooohhh it’s very easy and so delicious. ..jazakel allah kharan …may Allah bless you. .

  3. Asalamlaikum.
    Thank you so much for all your recipes.
    Please keep on sending wonderful recipes which r time saving

  4. Assalamualaykum
    Very useful recipes.

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    Vy useful recipe. Jazakallahu khairan khatheeraw.

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    Alhamdulilla…indeed i was searching for it….u helped me..Allah bless u for making such plan for Ramadan

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  13. Assalamu Alaikkum,
    Real good recipes. But I am not able to understand how to freeze particularly the ones using puff or filo pastry. Pls do reply.

    • Aini Amin

      use fresh puff pastry and filo pastry….make what ever you like then freeze… take out ,keep on room temperature for 15-20 minutes then bake

  14. aslkm, ur dishes are very use full nt only in ramzan ,in other days also..BT sister I heard that Rasool s.a.s didn’t use old food..even ek din ka baasi khana bhi nh use krte Thai.. thn?? 30 days tk freez kya hua ye khana kaise healthy rahega?? Dr.zakiya Hashmi ya Dr. Farhat Hashmi k tlk me bi Maine ye suna hai k freez kya hua khana ek ya din baad use krna sahi nh h.health achhi to ibadat achhi..bahetar h him do din ka food bana kr rakhe.
    plz Dnt mind..

  15. Im so hapy . Baarak Allah!

  16. V helpfull 4 all tme ???

  17. V help full so nice n yummy recepe

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  20. Nayab ! Pehle zamanay mai fridge nhi hua karte thai lekin ab sahulat hai or fridge mai khana,baasi nhi hota freeze,ho jata hai .
    Thanks alot Ainy

  21. Nayab ! Fridge mai khana rakhne se baasi nahi hota bal ke freeze ho jata hai , or fridge mai rakhne,ki wajha se hamain ibadat k leye boht time mil jata hai.
    Hats off Aini !

  22. Aini, instead of cheddar cheese can I use normal cheese like go or amul??

  23. Fazilat Sohail

    Awesome ?
    All recipie looks good … Will try some In sha Allah
    V good effort …. Plz save ur time n do Ibadah in Ramadan
    May Allah accept all of our Ibadah n no doubt your effort too
    Jazak Allah hu khair an kaseera

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    Ma sha Allah
    Good effort sister
    May Allah accept ur effort

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    Thnks alot aini…
    For Wndr ful recipe….

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    Jazzakumallah khair. It’s very very useful for all housewives. May Allah bless u and u r family

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    Mashaallah very nice thought so much for all the muslims ladies is also one of your ibadah aine thanqq soo much for such a nice recipes

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    Jazakallah for quick and easy recipes for ramdan, it’s so yummy………….

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    Thank you for all yummy recipes

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    Assalamalykum can u post the recipe of shawarma plz

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    assalamoalekum bht yummy recipies h mghy chinese food recipies mil sakti h

  39. Tania zia

    Jazak Allah khair bohat hee aachi recipes hain aur Bohat hi achay time may share kiya hai app nay. Allah swt app ko bohat bohat aafeeyat aata karrai dono jahain may Ameen sum Ameen.

  40. Thank U.Definitely it saves a lot of time.. I usually do freezing b4 Ramadan.Thanks now I can add new recipies.. which I can use even for my daughters tiffin. Do post sum easy simple and quick recepies with simple daily household ingrediants especially for kids tiffins of 2 to 5yrs children and others. JazakAllah.

  41. Jazakallah

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