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banana cake
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Banana Cake

Banana Cake Recipe This is soft, moist and irresistible banana cake recipe. This cake has light and airy texture and lovely flavour of bananas. With just the right amount of sugar,this is from now my most favorite recipe for banana cake.  You can make different variations with this cake, add […]

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Chocolate Tart

Who doesn’t love a rich classic french Chocolate tart. My kids loved this one and so do me. This Chocolate Tart is simple, classic and amazing! Rich, scrumptious chocolate with crisp sweet pastry to die for. It’s the perfect dessert for a dinner party and so easy to make. A brilliant make-ahead dinner party […]

sweet short crust pastry
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Sweet Short Crust Pastry

How to make sweet short crust pastry or rich short crust pastry Sweet Shortcrust Pastry. A rich decadent flavour pastry recipe , it is one of the best pastries of all. What it provides is a light crisp, melting crust, which has all the important flavors that you imagine in home-made pastry to be.  This sweet […]

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Minecraft Cake

How to make Minecraft Birthday Cake I made this cake for my Son’s 8th birthday. Again chocolate cake his favorite. I tried to keep it simple and easy. That is why I used the simplest cake and simplest icing for this cake. Made some sugar characters and its ready 🙂 […]

Cakes and bakes, Desserts

Chocolate Sponge Cake

My most favorite Chocolate Sponge Cake recipe. Completely no fail, moist,easy and quick to make with deep chocolaty flavour. Do try it, you will love it.You can make many different icings or frostings with it. I suggest go for this delicious Chocolate Buttercream recipe and you will get a perfect […]