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Baked Papri Chaat

Baked Papri Chaat Recipe Baked Papri Chaat. Who doesn’t love crunchy, tangy, hot and sweet chaat. Delicious to eat as a snack or a great alternative to a meal. it is a popular street food served in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Papri is basically thin fried crispy flour tortillas. But I am baking this […]

puff pastry appetizers

Puff Pastry Appetizers

Puff Pastry Appetizers Puff Pastry Appetizers are small or medium savory or sweet puff pastry treats. I made puff pastry and gave half of that to Hamnah my 12 years old daughter. I told her to do what ever she wants to do with it. She was so happy 🙂 […]

puff pastry cinnamon swirls
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Puff Pastry Cinnamon Swirls

Puff Pastry Cinnamon Swirls Recipe Puff Pastry Cinnamon Swirls are small sweet treats that you can serve as biscuits with tea or eat them as it is. These are crisp, lightly sweet with a wonderful flavour of cinnamon. You can make them of any size. So these small cute cinnamon […]

puff pastry cheese sticks
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Puff Pastry Cheese Sticks

Puff Pastry Cheese Sticks Recipe Puff pastry cheese sticks/Cheese straws/cheese twists are long sticks made of puff pastry filled with cheese.This is a winning recipe for any party or even best for tea time or you can give them as a snack to you kids for lunch box. Puff pastry cheese […]

Chicken noodle samosa
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Chicken Noodle Samosa

Chicken noodle samosa Recipe Crispy flaky spicy samosa in Desi Chinese style. Made with noodles and chicken.There are so many versions of this famous samosa,do try my way of making it,you would definitely love it. Make ,freeze and enjoy with afternoon tea or eat in breakfast like me  🙂 . […]

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Korean Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken Recipe Korean fried chicken is a dish from South Korea. Spicy and sweet it tastes divine. Making it is so easy, quick and simple. I used boneless chicken thai in it but you can also make it with chicken with bones or wings. Authentically Korean use gochujang […]