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boondi dahi chaat
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Boondi Dahi Chaat

Boondi Dahi Chaat Boondi Dahi Chaat is a Pakistani appetizer dish made with yogurt, spices and gram flour fried balls (boondi). The recipe I am sharing is my go to recipe for parties and family gatherings. It is easy quick tasty and has fresh flavours you will love. I used […]

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Baked Papri Chaat

Baked Papri Chaat Recipe Baked Papri Chaat. Who doesn’t love crunchy, tangy, hot and sweet chaat. Delicious to eat as a snack or a great alternative to a meal. it is a popular street food served in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Papri is basically thin fried crispy flour tortillas. But I am baking this […]

laddu pethi
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Laddu Pethi

Laddu Pethi recipe with step by step pictures.It is a popular street food from Lahore Pakistan.These are basically fried pakoras or vadas made from moong dal and channa dal batter. However they are called as Laddu Pethi. These laddus served with different styles of chatnies and white radish. This is […]