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My Funcooking Kitchen

Hi 🙂 How are you all 🙂 I am so happy today because I completed  500 tried and tested recipes for my website today. And to celebrate this I want to show you all where I made all these recipes 🙂 . Yes of course In my home kitchen 😉 . […]


Anardana Chatni / اناردانہ چٹنی

This is super easy and yummy Anardana chatni recipe. Anardana means dried pomegranate seeds.  You can serve it with BBQ, Dal Chawal or with fritters etc. Ingredients, Tomato  1 Onion small  1 Pomegranate powder  1-1/2 tbsp Fresh coriander  hand full Salt   1/4 tsp اجزاء ٹماٹر    1 پیاز  چھوٹا […]