Chinese fried rice
Chinese, rice

Egg Fried Rice

Egg fried rice …   they go with any Chinese gravy or dry dish. I like to add just 1 vege in it and that is green onion, usually people add carrots, capsicum, mushroom in it but I like it simple just with eggs and lot of green onions. Try […]

Chicken, rice

Bombay Biryani (chicken)

Serving = 5-6 persons Ingredients, List 1 (for marination) Chicken   750-800 g yogurt   1 cup /250 g salt  1-1/2  tsp  or as required red chili powder  1 tbsp coriander powder  1-1/2 tbsp garam masala powder  1 tbsp lemon juice  1/4  cup mint leaves   7-8 dried plums  1/2 […]

Chicken Pulao biryani
Chicken, rice

Chicken Pulao Biryani

Chicken Pulao Biryani, sounds strange 🙂 …pulao and biryani together ????? … I made it when I am in hurry or do not want to do much in kitchen…try it its so easy and quick.   Serving = 5 persons Ingredients, Rice   2-1/2  cup chicken with bones  500 g […]

Channa mirch pulao
rice, vegetarian

Channa Mirch Pulao

Channa Mirch Pulao Serving = 4persons Ingredients, List 1, Rice   350 gm chickpeas boiled   350 gm yogurt  250 gm oil or ghee  1/2 cup onion  1 medium cumin seeds  1 tbsp green chilies  3-4 salt  1 tsp or as required chicken cube 1 (optional) List 2, Kashmiri dry […]


Qorma Biryani

Serving = 4 persons Ingredients, chicken 600-700 gm onion  3 medium yogurt  250 gm lemon juice 3-4 tbsp salt  1 tsp or as required red chili powder  1 tsp coriander powder  2 tsp turmeric powder   1 tsp garam masala powder  1 tsp oil  1 cup bay leave  2 cinnamon […]